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We impersonifiate (SP) the side of the law and order (terrorist wannabe don't count, but still should have the mentality of the crowd) so wwe should abide to all laws, legal and logical.

At Zone27, no drugs or alcool BEFORE and during is tolerated. We gladly invite people to take a beer around the fire AFTER the game. Anyone caught being intoxicated on the field will be kicked out and probably banned.

The only place I tolerate drugs, it's when they do it at their home, out of sight.

We have a public image to keep shiney. Players using drugs or alcool just is not the image we should project.

I just left a big party because I saw too much people using drugs. Not even hiding it. Im just sick of it. It's a lack of respect for those that don't consume it, because if we don't bitch about it, it's like we aproove. I don't want to be part of a group that is high on something.

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