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It isn't viable for indoor but at outdoor fields we usually just share the field with paintballers and move to different area if they're playing somewhere.

We understand that ballers are the bread and butter and main source of income for PB fields and we usually have no problems sharing the field since for us it's a privilege to play at a field when PB owners don't have to let us (which is why we're also strict on safety and all that, since if there's an incident; instead of wanting to make extra side income for the business most owners would rather not have their liability/indemnity insurance pulled by their underwriter).

Here in Vancouver we have organized a few games at an indoor venue, basically it's weekends from like 8:00 to Noon and entrance is $15 IIRC. Week days after work is an alright time as well. In order to attract an 18+ crowd you'll have to pretty much do it after work ends (after 5-ish like your flyer) since during daytime all you're going to get are minors (which isn't the end of the world but I implore you to try airsoft out with a generally more mature 18+ crowd first before allowing accompanied minors, paperwork is less messy if something does happen and the more mature crowd hopefully has less retards).
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