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Hello All,

BYOBB is King, hearing you loud and clear. I would expect we will keep our Friday Night Program Field BBs (It's KA Bio's right now) and try to run Events where we offer BYOBB. But I will definitely let you know as we make firm decisions.
For w1lp33's question about Saturdays and Sundays... I don't know. If we can find a day when there's not a BUNCH of paintball, that would work. But we usually run a lot of ballers on the weekend and I would have to see a viable reason to turn that business away if we were going to go to Airsoft instead. Today is a very slow Saturday at about 100 Paintballers, Full admission, Field paint only.

Finally for Poncho, I was surprised to see this flier but it may have been one of our early productions. You can see if you go to the forums, the rules are listed here-
(though they may change)
And this is the Ad on our site-

Either way, I will look into it and let you know ASAP.
Again, thanks for all your input guys, BYOBB has a lot of +1's lol.


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