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Originally Posted by Kokanee
Originally Posted by Shugart
It was the In Country boys....They really take their MilSim seriously

(THAT was a joke...)

Okay, that's not funny, even as a joke.

Drug use on the field has no place - if you see anyone imbibing (sp?) in a prohibited substance (being alcohol wear not permitted, or pot) then let the field owner/admin know. Then you have fufilled (sp?) your responisibility as a player, it's up to the field owner/admin to take care of it.

ps. srry about my grammer, a bit knackered at the moment, celebrating etc...

yes.. actually it was...

anyhoo drugs are drugs.. they are not legal and really dont belong in public much less at an airsoft game.. we have enough problems with legality we dont need people searching for ways to make it worse..
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