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Since you are still learning; here's a free win-win business scenario:

Host games that allow bring your own ammo AND provide BB Bastard and other TOP QUALITY brands in your proshop.

Since most Airsofters are extreamly lazy and rushed in life they will leave it until last minute to load up on pre game supplies; having that as a convenience will be one last thing to deal with, and one more thing to make your venue a one-stop shop for getting a player ON THE FIELD. If things are still looking good, consider rentals and rental packages.

Same proven business concepts, just variations on the theme. Don't spread yourself too thinly - it will seem too ambitious and become overwhelming and full of drama. Set the stage and enjoy the show. Your product is enjoyment, and your value is your accomodation and convenience. What more could an Airsofter ask for?
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