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If you only plan on using it for target practice, you would be much better off with a pellet gun or airgun. They are much more accurate than airsoft guns. Cheaper too.

If you insist on airsoft guns, everyone will recommend you get Age Verified on the forums. Please check the FAQ section for AV info. Basically you find your nearest representative, meet with him/her and provide ID to prove you're above 18 years of age. Then you'll have access to the 'shop' section of the forums (Retailers, and classifieds where members sell their guns) to make your choice.

AEGs (automatic electric guns) are much more reliable than gas rifles. Gas guns generally require regular lubing and maintenance to prevent leaks and breaks.
Added costs on AEGs are a good battery and charger. Batteries come in different voltages and capacities. Higher voltage generally means higher rate of fire, higher capacity means more shots per charge. Usually a 9.6v 2000mAh battery would work well. A charger would be an additional 50 bucks or so. A good charger that charges your battery and shuts off when its done. Using cheap wall chargers will only do bad things to your battery.
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