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Huge +1 for BYOBB.
I tend to buy my BB's in bulk as it's easier to just have a stock pile (Y'know, in case of Zombies)

I'd gladly pay a bit extra for this, especially at your awesome field!

If you guys can continue to allow Ballistic goggles and the like as you did for OP November Alpha, that is also a huge bonus as well.
I'm sure there has to be some conditions as to what goggles and perhaps when (No ballers on the field or the like) but hey, if the option is there.. super!

Flag Raiders in Kitchener has run Airsoft games for awhile, Joe has been great to us always. He just might be somebody you also wish to contact about it.

Really excited for you guys to get back into the scene. You have always been very respecting and friendly in my old PB days.
Cheers to more great times guys!

(P.S I'm free mostly next week and can stop by the shop to AV you if you like, PM me and we can talk )

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