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Our local field (Ground Zero Paintball) charges $20 for field fees and we bring our own BBs. They have an awesome facility with lots of different fields. It's great and IMO totally worth the admission price. And they have no restrictions on using bio BBs. The only ammo prohibited is silica BBs.

Ground Zero Paintball worked with our local community leaders in establishing the rules, practices and guidelines for airsoft. They recognized the need we had, admitted not knowing jack-shit about it (<- that right there was a HUGE step), and rather than trying to force paintball rules and practices upon the airsoft community, they worked with us to learn and grow to make the experience as good as possible. As a result, our local airsoft games went from 10 man games 2 years ago to regular 25+ member games the last 2 years. It's been awesome. GZ makes good money 'on the side' from their paintball business, the players are happy, and everyone wins.

The last local paintball field to allow airsoft quickly lost all its airsoft players once they started imposing paintball rules on us. They let us play a couple of times, then started imposing their paintball rules and practices on us. They had no interest in hearing what airsoft was about. To them, it was just like paintball, but different gear. They were inflexible, unwilling to talk or compromise, and didn't care what anyone had to say. They knew it all, declared themselves experts on the subject, it was their field, and that was that. That didn't work out so well for them...

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