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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I go through about 4,000 rounds in 3-4 hours of play, in semi-auto. That tends to happen when you need to dump 3-4 mags into a guys face at 200 feet before he'll call hit.

Last game I was at, I had to gather the admins to stop the game, as it took 20 guys 2 hours on an objective with no progress. As soon as they adminned that area, and started calling guys out, we rolled it in 20 minutes.

The calibre of player determines how many BBs I dump. Those who don't call it get everything I've got. I have adopted the 1 mag = 1 kill rule.
This is why i bought an M60. I play with some pretty honourable players so it rarely comes out.

I bring 8000-10000 rounds to any game, but I am supplying at least 3 players (myself, GF and stepson + any guests)

BB's are like gas for a Viper driver, the least of my worries or expenses. Bring lots.
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