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Originally Posted by Renegade) View Post
LOL holy crap that was ever an ammo spewing fest... We had what, 5 SAW's in 3 towers all going full on. Im up there in the Ghost tower going "BB'S!!!, I get handed up a bag of Bastards, BATTERY!! I get handed up a battery, swap that out, dump in bag, back to firing as they just kept sending wave of attacks.

Yeah Scarecrows college funds added a 0 after that one!
Tys and I were in the other tower shooting, reloading and gassing WE mags like no other. If we had a saw or AEG with us, we could have decimated them. But 2 WE PDW's held them at bay for long enough. The attempt to roll through with the pickup truck was futile as we just went at picking them off one by one like we were snipers. lol Anyone we missed you guys got. Hahaha
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