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Going to miss the LZ...

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LOL holy crap that was ever an ammo spewing fest... We had what, 5 SAW's in 3 towers all going full on. Im up there in the Ghost tower going "BB'S!!!, I get handed up a bag of Bastards, BATTERY!! I get handed up a battery, swap that out, dump in bag, back to firing as they just kept sending wave of attacks.

Yeah Scarecrows college funds added a 0 after that one!
It's a slow day at work and on the forum... I am entertained. Therefore am indifferent about the noobishness of the original question.

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I am amazed by the absolute absence of any interest regarding your intervention which is in my opinion very justified, and the eagerness of more people to participate in this thread that you very wisely defined as 'time-sucking'; not only there is indeed a case for grammar nazis like me to intervene, but this original post strongly smells of banned user coming back with a new account and the exact same retarded question that got him banned in the first place.

mm I checked his other posts, it's not him apparently lol
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