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Originally Posted by gurpreet131 View Post
[how fast do you go through 5K BBs?]

Depends entirely on how you play. When we started out we were...."excited"...about all this and ended up spraying A LOT of shots. It was pretty normal for some of us to shoot through 2-3K BBs in a day of skrimishing at Flag Raiders. Lots and lots and lots of full auto. We played close to every single local game for 2 years straight Probably didn't hit as much as we thought (pretty sure about that)...tons of fun.

Now...a few years and many games later...a 2K bag of 0.30's goes a long, long way. Probably 3-4 games/training events/etc... Probably more. If you're hosting/organizing/helping out/C&C/ tend to shoot a lot less because your priorities, attentions and responsibilities are much different than a front line troop. At one of the 24-30hr milsims last year I shot a grand total of 60 deliberate was all suppressing/indicating fire on semi auto...don't think I actually hit anyone. I did dump the rest of my mags on full auto...but that was more just for fun and it's the fastest way to empty them

In the end....don't sweat the numbers. Have extra BBs on hand...they'll keep and they're cheap. Have enough gas/batteries/mags/whatever-you-need-to-shoot as well...'cause it's not nearly as much fun if you can't shoot back when you need to.
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