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I've gone through 2000ish in a single skirmish with my DG m249. Granted, it was an attack and defend skirmish, so it was totally a game to spew tons of BB Bastards. No remote thought of conserving ammo.

I think I was even challenged to empty the big box mag in a single trigger pull .

On the flip side, I've played games where we used no more than 150 rounds in 8 hours.
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Normally? That should last you on average 5-7 games. But some games varry, Ive played some and used less than 200 rounds, and some ive used 3000 rounds and I am not heavy on the trigger unless Im running my M60. Nor do I run hicaps.
Then there was that game at the LZ Ottawa last year. The final battle/standoff must have put the head Bastard's kid through college. :P

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