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I've only played skirmishes. Each skirmish generally lasts 30-60 minutes.

This season, on my main weapon (an M4), I use 5 x 120 round mid-caps. I also carry a 450 round high-cap in reserve. I carry all of these magazines on field. Additionally, I carry 52 rounds in pistol magazines, and draw the pistol in perhaps 1 of 4 skirmishes.

Generally, I use 3 x 120 round mid-caps per fast moving/high engagement skirmish. I have gone as far as 5 x 120 round mid-caps, but i have never resorted to the 450 round high-cap.

It really depends on the player, the game, the length of game, and how much/how deep you are engaging the op-for, to judge how much ammo you are going to need to be carrying.

Generally, around a maximum of 1500 rounds, liberally spread about, will do me for a day. Whether any rounds actually hit anyone during that day, is another question entirely.

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