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A question for our servicemen and women

I recently came across a rather interesting comment on a RWTV video from someone in the US army along the lines of:
"while I don't mind airsofter's enthusiasm for milsim and looking the part, please stop buying up all the high quality vests because everytime someone in the army is trying to buy a good plate carrier, they are always sold out due to airsofters. The standard issue equipment is sub-par and we often need to buy aftermarket equipment for better protection"

That was just a paraphrase but it was more or less the jist of it. And I do remember a while back when I saw that news report about servicemen overseas scrambling to buy dragonscale armour because it was so much better than plate armour. So I do think there is a need for better armour (at least for the americans).

The question is, do the Canadian military guys need/buy aftermarket plate carriers because the standard issue ones aren't giving them enough protection? I don't want my enthusiasm for realism put someone fighting on behalf of Canada to suffer as a result. Any thoughts?
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