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To echo what others have already said - if it's only a $200.00 entry fee that you've got to enter/try out the sport at this point - wait, and keep saving those pennies. Otherwise, you'll likely be very disappointed, if it's the organized games side of things that you wish to try out.

Clear-soft out of Crappy Tire or Wally World is generally a poor investment. Sure it's cheap, but you really aren't buying it.. you just are renting it from the trash-can, from where it will sooner or later end up in.

$300.00 start up cost for a new decent quality full-metal, starter gun. They usually come with a hi-cap mag (winding mag, holding between ~320-450 rounds, it will get you at least onto the field and playing - you can buy more magazines, later).

If the gun that you that choose isn't field-legal, ie. the FPS (feet per second) on .20 gram BB's doesn't fall between 350-400 FPS - then expect more cash outlay to do a spring-change. Some "Imported specifically for the Canadian Market" guns are equipped with springs shooting from ~430-470 FPS to clear customs based on Government legislation concerning airsoft, which is way hot for most if not all fields holding events. Cost ~$15.00 for the spring + an hours labor for the spring change for most guns.

~$40.00 for full-seal eye protection (goggles), $20.00 for a mesh mouth guard. Safety first.

~$40.00 for surplus boots, more if you want new. Ankle protection is a must.

~$25.00-$40.00 for gloves - them BB's sting when they hit your hands, and they will!

~$20.00-$29.00 for a few games worth of good quality BB's. Walmart or Crappy Tire BB's are good only for airsoft claymore mines, and wasting your money on.

$15.00-30.00 for entry fee to most fields holding events.

That will get you started. The rest will come in time (and money, lots of money). If it isn't for you, you don't have too much invested. If it is for you - hold onto your wallet, it's in for a bumpy ride.

Lastly, as others said - get AV'd - if it ain't for you - you can at least then turn around and sell your gun to someone else. If it is for you.. a lot more things are here to browse and buy.

Good luck.

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