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Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
Best of it all, it's one of the no-name ACM from Airsoftpark and I paid about 50-60$ for it ... I'm curious to ear your thoughts. I've been reading so many threads/posts of people hating all replicas of optics (mostly). I mean, it's not THAT bad is it?
I have a random ACM eotech replica. Pros: battery life, and externally (mostly) tough. Cons: Can't see the reticle at all in almost all daylight situations (I'm not talking faint, I'm saying you can't see it at all), threading on the mounting hardware stripped very easily, trades say "MLITARY USE".

I don't technically have issues with glare either but covering the front of the optic can reveal the reticle, and that particular problem is exacerbated by glare for sure (which is probably what the OP is getting).

My biggest issue aside from the stripping is the brightness of the optic, and many other replica optics I use. I have personally seen only one replica optic that was able to remain bright and visible against a summer sky background (a Docter red dot replica atop a ACOG). My two Aimpoint replicas are okay, but very faint against daylight targets. What I'm surprised by is that every replica doesn't just have the brightest LED they could possibly find, since they aren't expensive, and the Docter sight I saw was able to do it with an extremely small battery. I wonder what the deal is.

Since you either have to order these things online or in a dark store, there's pretty much no reliable way to know you'll get a reticle you can see in daylight ahead of time except to shell out for expensive optics.
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