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I asked my car club's amsoil sponsor rep about this product... he checked into it for me, this product also contains petroleum distillates. Though I'm not certain if he's right about it or not, seeing that there's a 'ok with incidental contact with food' thing on there... Define 'incidental' lol.

I use un propelled silicone oil used for wheel bearings in RC cars. Comes in a squeeze tube with a little needle to apply. I use it to oil mags and slide on my pistol. No issues there. Also since I oil the parts on the gun directly, I oiled the mags before winter and then dumped the oiled gas in the spring, no need to shoot that through the hopup when I'm oiling the blowback unit by hand.

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It probably contains some nasty distillates. As far as I know you need to get one that is pure silicon lube that is food grade. I just picked some up from That other stuff will damage plastics and so forth.

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