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Sorry... Just click on that annoying picture of his, and press "view all posts". It works for me when I click on it, I dunno...

Actually, I'll just copy/paste.

"it was m3 hahaha j00 loserz cant blcok me out"
"hahaha th1s los3r about 2 b pwnd!!11"
"+ i 1ik3 th3 1337 CS gunZZzzz!!!1 "
"y0 s0wh4T? i st1ll R th3 1337! p41ntb4ll is k00l y0! but w4nt t0 g3t in 4iR$0fT 2 y0! d4 B0mB!!!1 "
"tr4$h n4z1!!! "
"oMg!1 iTs 1nT3ns3 n0t inT3nc3!!111 4Nd tH1S @1R$0fT!111 s3ct10n g33z n00b! n0t v1d3o g4m3! dUmB!!!111 :smack: "

If you don't believe this, just follow the first steps...
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