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Originally Posted by Lubba View Post
Thanks for the quick reply. Once ive seen someone complaining in a youtube comment or so that people in canada can carry around their firearms just like in some states of the US but arent allowed to own airsoftguns. Compared to what you are saying it seems like the guy had no idea what he was talking about.

The person who made that youtube comment was either making an exaggeratedly sarcastic comment, or was high at the time.

There is no carrying of real-steel weapons to be had for Canadian citizens in public. Firearms are pretty tightly controlled, just to be able to own - and the privilege to own can be both hard to earn, and to keep. Gun-culture is somewhat more liberal in the west of Canada, but in tight-ass Ontario, and in the Toronto area particularly so, guns are generally equated with evil-doers!

As long as you are 18+ and are responsible with your airsoft, and treat/transport it as if was a real-steel weapon - then you should have absolutely no issues with one - there is no government regulation or licensing requirements of airsoft weapons, once they've been imported into Canada. Do not try to import one into Canada yourself, unless you know what you are doing.
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