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Originally Posted by xtian View Post from Philippines going to toronto this month of May for good. Just want to ask if airsoft in canada is legal if you abide on rules and regulations according to law?i mean like gun registrations...because here in the Philippines even if you had a PTT(permit to Transport) some law enforcer doesn't honor that paper but it came from their head office...
Airsoft is perfectly legal in Canada, as long as you abide by municipal, provincial and federal laws - example, some municipalities do not permit discharge of a projectile firing weapon within their boundaries, ie. outside of your home in your backyard.

There is no travel document requirements for airsoft, or government registration requirements for airsoft weapons - but it is highly advisable that you treat your airsoft 'toy' as the real deal, and when going from house to game, that you carry it stored in a proper gun case and out of sight from the general public. You do not want it to be mistaken for the real deal and have an encounter with the police over it - they will treat it as the real deal, and you as a potential threat with it, until proven otherwise. Airsoft weapons are treated as unrestricted firearms - that is to say, once imported into Canada, there is no further regulation on them, unless they exceed the projectile FPS that the unrestricted firearms class covers.

Do not carry your airsoft in public, do not carelessly store your airsoft at home or elsewhere, and do not play in an unapproved/inappropriate field where you could be seen by the general public who is not familiar with airsoft (and thus potentially provoking a firearms call to the police, shortly followed by a real bad day for you..) .. In short, exercise what should be common sense as it applies to 'real firearms' ownership, and you should be good.
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