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Certain people can run a bolt action sniper rifle as a first gun (I did), but can get totally overwhelmed at first in games to the point of it not being recommended unless used as an occasional gun, with an AEG as a primary to at least learn your style and have fun the first half dozen games, and pull our the rifle when you can get away with it. Get to the point I am, I'm totally comfortable using just my M24 and a pistol in urban environments, find my MP5s to be more a hindrance than a benefit.

While I won't turn anyone away from a sniper rifle as a first gun to game with, at least ask a pile of questions from those that use them often, and don't get totally swayed into believing you need $1000 worth of upgrades in order to go against those that use AEGs, isn't true (hey, if I can get a kill with a thrown piece of chewing gum, even the most basic crap of a gun can get you through a game if you know how to play well).

The entire 'Upgrade the player, not the gun' mentality around here.
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