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Information about sniper riffles

Hi, I'm a Vietnamese. I just moved to Canada few months ago, have never played airsoft before, but I was dreaming about one day I could own for myself a sniper riffles like VSR-10 or L96 (or both). Now I'm ready to buy one with the price around $300-$400.

As I know Canadian Laws don't accept guns imported from outside the country, therefore, I've been searching for Canadian online stores many times and found, what a well-designed website. In its catalogue, I see some sniper guns seem very good looking like this one
Does anyone know about C-Tac brand and site? I will be very appreciated if someone could give me more information about owning a sniper riffle, online stores, and one thing which I'm expecting the most is where to get the guns directly in Montreal.

Thank you all for visiting my thread. Have a good day!

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