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Hello from Germany

Hey guys,

im Lubba and im from Bavaria, Germany. The reason why I registered in this forum is that I will do something called "work and travell" in Canada after i passed my finals. I love to play airsoft but in
Germany its really hard to open up a site to play because there are so many conditions by law that have to be fullfilled that it would be really expensive to run a site. Since Im 18 years old i drive with my teammates over the border into czech republic and take part in the OPs that are happening there.
I will go to Canada in the beginning of august, and when im there i would really love to go on playing airsoft. Since you Canadians have a really gunowner-friendly law I thought that playing airsoft in Canada should be no problem. But what i have read during my google research concerning this topic shows me that there arent that many airsoft sites in Canada and airsoft guns are handled much more carefull by law than firearms. Is that true?
Ill arive in Toronto, and ive already looked up on google maps if there are any airsoft sites in toronto, but all ive found were some retailers for airsoft grenades and a place called mach1airsoft. mach1airsoft shows "upcoming events" but there are no events listed. Is it hard to find spots to play some games in Canada, especially in toronto?


PS: And Im sorry for every spelling/ grammar mistake you can find above. One of the reasons why I go to Canada is to improve my english.
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