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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Actually, thats a good point - we should put some game date conflict detection into Ops-Center.... let me look into that...
I haven't seen the Ops-Centre (don't even have a link to look at it), so apologies if the following have already been considered.

- A visual calendar displaying events would be helpful. Sometimes people don't connect overlapping dates when they appear in a list, but can recognize those conflicts when presented in calendar format.

- Game filtering by province (and possibly general regions within the province) would be helpful. Filters could be further refined by game type (skirmish, milsim, game length, etc.), which could easily be set-up by the host/venue as checkboxes or tags.

- Venues and hosts could have a metacritic-like rating system - this will quickly filter out the "bad" venues/hosts from those that are "good". I realize that this is subjective, so raters would likely have to go through a vetting process to assess if they make good raters (e.g., not spammers, no retaliations, objective ratings, etc.). A rating system would also help others determine the "honesty" of the venues/hosts - someone who puts up a "milsim" game (to entice the milsim crowd), but runs mainly skirms, would quickly be called out. Same if they run with a lot of kidiots.

Just some thoughts.
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