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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
To speak to Brian's original topic, from my perspective, airsoft in Ontario at least has fragmented at the hosting level. Hosts don't know one another as well anymore and are serving subgroups of players. We used to be much more homogenous when it was underground and retailing wasnt rampant. It used to be you had to be of community to play, or host within it. Now its possible to go buy an AEG and go play somewhere without first establishing yourself within the community.

It was inevitable. We cannot have our cake and eat it too. We want Airsoft to be legal, accepted and conventionally available to widen the player base and venues creating choice and competition. But those thing bring negatives like lower accountability, community fragmentation, etc.

Brian, you and I are old men in this sport. Most of those who played 10 years ago are. Different times. We can pine for them, or we can shape our future by leading by example and not getting sucked into being nostalgic about the old days. As I recall it wasnt ever all peaches and cream between hosts. I got sucked into some wicked politics here and within the venues I hosted at (Deadlands/Wolfpack Primary/The Plantation).
We are a growing sport and as such we are falling under the same issues as airsoft years ago it's a problem I witnessed twice now since I started playing in 89, we are growing too fast, I believe your Op center software are going to tackle most of the issue however some you can't and until all of us as a community start agreeing on policing basic simple rules and courtesy we are heading the same path as paintball during it's growing years.
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