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I think it's ridiculous to require 100% guarantee's that you will make the game. What if you own a car and it happens to break down, or suffer an accident, or get stolen? You're supposed to spend $100 on a cab to the field? And what if you were giving someone else a lift? Does each member of your team drive there own car so that one breakdown can't affect more than one person? Or what if your wife, who was going to look after the kids, gets really sick at the last minute?

Car's break down. People get sick. Shit happens. The thing that's the REAL problem is people who just change their mind at the last minute. Don't feel like going. Wife talked them out of it, etc. This kind of stuff is unacceptable in my opinion. Not real accidents. If 1 or 2 people cancel on a game due to unforseen stuff, but all the other people who just decided to go swimming or whatever the hell actually showed up, things would be fine. It's the "confimed but found something better" people who really concern me.

If you say you're going to go, you're confirmed, do your best and follow through. If something serious happens, fair enough, but people are counting on you so show some respect.
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Oh wow, im speechless. Crowbars and shovels... back to lurking then.
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