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I'm completely in agreement with the few people here who are pointing out that no matter how good you are, YOU DON'T ALWAYS HIT WHAT YOU SHOOT. I've seen it before a thousand times where some player is CONVINCED they hit another player, when I have been watching and clearly seen that not a single bb touched them. So perhaps your shot isn't good enough. Move to a better shooting position and try again.

Furhtermore, many hits are just not felt. Ex: at a game at the LZ last month, I was standing behind the bus, when a guy ran out of a cloud of smoke 30 feet in front of me. 30 feet mind you. I lit him up, bouncing maybe 5 or 6 bbs off his chest. It was plain as day to me and the other 10 players standing around watching. The guy just keeps running and then raises his rifle and shoots me. I was pretty stunned, but thought about it for a minute. The guy OBVIOUSLY wasn't trying to cheet. There were 10 witnesses less than 30 feet from us both. The bbs were bouncing off him plain as day. There is no way he would have expected to get away with it. The only logical conclusion is that he had NO IDEA he was taking hits. What did I do? Called hit and walked off the field. For EVERY time it happens to you that someone else doesn't feel a hit, it's happened to someone else that YOU don't feel it.

Another game, Raven opened up on me from about 15 feet behind me through light bush. He was so close, that even though I couldn't see him (he was behind me) I started to raise my gun to call hit, assuming that he couldn't possibly miss. Then I realized I still hadn't felt anything. I turned around to look at him. He was just as stunned as I. He had emptied his mag at me, and watched EVERY SINGLE bb ( we load to 30 rds, so it's not like a hi-cap!) bounce off the thin, thin brush between him and I. He was empty, so I checked quickly that he agreed I really wasn't hit, and ran over the top of a hill which was only 10 feet away at the time. It was unbelievable, but it happened.

A further time. I was involved in a firefight in a field of abandoned cars at someone's field, (maybe Foxden?). A freind of mine on the other team, Vondnik, ran out to one of the cars, opened the door, and crouched behind it for cover. Each time he popped his head up, I shot at him through the open window. Every time I watched as the bbs clearly bounced off him, hitting his face and chest, and fell to his feet. After a few mags, I could hardly believe he wasn't tripping on the pile of bbs that I knew were lieing at this feet. I was getting quite pissed, in spite of his being a friend, that he wasn't calling himself out. Finally, he hit me, and I called hit and walked over to ask him what the hell he was doing. When I got up to the car, I could see plain as day that the window was up. I'd been shooting at a closed window. Just had to laugh at my stupidity and apologize for getting so pissed off at him.

My point is, in this game, shit happens. It's beyond your control. A lot more players need to just take unpredictable and unexpected things as part of the game. Someone not calling hit when you think you're hitting them? Get a better position and try again, or just shoot a few more times in case your first shot deflected off a twig 3 inches from his chest that was too small to see. The old saying "The first casualty of any battle is the plan" ( or whatever) is an excellent motto for playing airsoft. Just take it as part of the game, and overcome the problem on your end. As Gunny Highway would say: "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!"...
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