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Originally Posted by Iceman
Ok well guys, no offence, but i have no place for a car in my life, nor the money to invest in the car, the insurance and the parking tickets.

Renting a car requires a Credit Card and a one-day rental must usually requires a reservation and cash down at least 48hrs during weekends, or you are stuck with a 80$perday car selection... don't know about you'all.. but that's just not acceptable.

As for not buying it, sorry mate, but it's happened to me in more then one occasion. Had to return home, PM the organisation and say 'Sorry, my lift bailed'.

I hate to be the black sheep of this thing... but if all you guys can come up with is the responces that were just posted... you're really... seriously... not helping this conversation.

I'm sorry, but as Scarecrow said above your method of transportation to the field is not the organizer's problem. If you confirmed for a game, then you're confirmed. That means you're POSITIVE you can attend. If you're relying on someone else, maybe you should use the old "HAXOR + 3" method...that way, if HAXOR ( The driver) bails, it's his rep.
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what if it model after his?
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