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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
I recall a thread like this a while back, surplus store, could even be Kingston, that sold airsoft guns, but their prices were hugely marked up, like close to $1000 for a stock TM M16 type thing. Same place mentioned here? Price CAN be a factor in lower age restrictions, but not always. I remember when I was 17 and working, it'd take me about 4-5 months working to save up that much. Still, they SHOULD stick with 18+ only. Local surplus/paintball store here sells the 'Soft Air' crap (and quite a bit of it), and they even only sell legally to 18+.
I believe the place you're referring to was "Gad's Surplus" Otherwise known as Snowdon Surplus here in Montreal. It's on Queen Mary near the decarie. Funnily enough the owner was apparently hauled off by the police for selling bb guns that had been converted to fire real rounds. Scary stuff, both from an exploding in your face point of view and a "who the hell did they sell these TO" kind of way...
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Oh wow, im speechless. Crowbars and shovels... back to lurking then.
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