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Originally Posted by Ready View Post

Save the shady deals for later after you get some experience under your belt and can 100% verify it is a proper working gun.
I'd still go for this deal if it was an in person deal. Just do some research on the guns before you go and meet them in person.

Originally Posted by e-luder View Post
the ksc 18c is one of the most problematic full auto pistols on the market. the internal design of the pistol has a lot of moving parts that tends to wear out quickly. most of the glocks that i fixed are ksc 18c's. one of the first things that go, apart from the ones parts mentioned above, is the fire selector mechanism and the hammer and striker assembly. all those parts are high stress parts and tends to wear. unless you're comfy tinkering around with stuff, look for something more reliable. there are scores of potential problems customers have run into in diffrent forums. read a couple of them.

for 60 bucks, i'd bet that that pistol is close to failing. or is not what the owner claims it to be. if you decide to buy it, be mindful that that particular meeds a lot of looking after.
Dont confuse the poor guy! lol though he may need this info if he goes through with this deal.

All in all I would go check this deal out. It does sound too good to be true but hey you could always end up with a cool project guns.

Just make sure to properly test the gun(s) out before handing any money over!
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