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Originally Posted by bcpaul View Post
I have a new G&G UMG with dry/no firing issues. However, if I use "official" G&G brand BB's it works great
I noticed that the G&G bb's are shiny and the other brands I've tried are not(maybe higher friction??). Problem is that the G&G brand is expensive.

Strange that my friends gun: G&G M4 works on the my cheap BB's, but not on my UMG. Why the difference??

Brand that works awesome: G&G .2g? not sure if they are .25

Brand that do not work (dry fire every 2nd round): Billes Biodegradable .2g

Any recommended brands out there?
Also, does Canadian Tire or Walmart sell any bb's are are any good ?
I am in Salmon Arm, BC

Crappy tire and wally world BB's are just plain junk, plain and simple.

Find a retailer of BB Bastards, Bioval, Airsoft Elite, etc.
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