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True enough. Being someone who's truck is currently not in good running condition, I understand the whole "ride bailed" or can't get a ride situation because it's happened to me and The Punisher once before (since we carpool). It sucks,true. But so does showing up at a game and finding that only 5 or 6 people showed up. It can go either way. Whoever said it, you're right, some of the best games are made up off 5on5's all day long in the drug lab, but when you go there and the attendees list was 18 people long and well over half bailed, something's not right.

Overall, I think it's up to the game host to decide whether to allow tentatives or not. But I believe that bailing WITH a post either one or two days prior to the game is OK. On the other hand, when you don't show with no warning, that's just inmature and being moronic. So there's my two euro-cents. :cheers:
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