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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Personally I prefer the bags, bottle impede my speedloaders. And there other products are to bring cheapo skirma softers up to a competitive level with milsim airsofters who have been kicking ass and taking names with real gear. As well as bringing in Quality Optics for GBBR owners. Yet how does that stall their BB sales? It doesn't they can only produce BBs so fast, and currently are likely back ordered. As for bulk sales just to you they do offer them, and if you don't like the bags as you where suggested before why don't you bottle them yourself if its that much better?
This is all well and good and I believe that you believe what you're saying, but it doesn't change my experience with the company.

With regards to "only making BBs so fast", they made a rather showy promise regarding stock (also after a prolonged shortage in their product) and then proceeded to under-invest in their production capacity. Perhaps some of the capital they've spent on NVG or re-badging Chinese optics could have been spent on ramping up production capacity. They're the ones who bragged about orders for millions of BBs from large retailers... it's not like extra production capacity couldn't have gone somewhere.

Simply put, no matter what awesome sauce they're cookin' up for dedicated milsim players, it doesn't change that they ran out of their primary product in a big public way twice in a row, with the second time coming after a claim that it wouldn't happen again.

As for bulk sales, where? There are other brands that offer actual bulk in the sense that I can put it in a cart and have it delivered to my house. If there's some way to do that with Bastards, I'm listening. I'd love to give them a big order and stock up for the season.
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