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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
However that assumes the "products" (in this case games, admining, hit calling, etc.) are all the same, in reality it's not but it should theoretically work out that if 30% of the players near the metropolitan area decide to go out to the boonies because they think it's better or like the gameplay a bit more the central place doesn't really lose out that much and the venue in the boonies gets an attendance boost.

In short I wouldn't worry about it, there will always be new players and I think that everyone can share the pie.
This kinda nails what I feel is happening in the GTA and greater golden horseshoe region. It's a big place and there are a lot of players. Our team tries to play once a week if we possibly can, and I haven't a game that had too _few_ players yet.

I'm not certain this angle of discussion addresses Brian's concerns though... Maybe there should be some load balancing going on between organizers who know they are producing similar products.
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