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I have to echo what some of the others are saying about BB Bastard.

They're nice and all, but they're impossible to source in bulk for teams, there is no discount, and frankly, I think the company has serious issues in communicating with its customers.

Firstly, they posted a hard promise a while back about how they would never run out of BBs again. Come season opening, everybody is out of Bastards in all sorts of sizes. The company is supposed to be a god damned BB company, our best BB company, and they're off galavanting with stupid night vision shit that nobody except a bunch of NVG nerds care about. Seriously?

I politely suggested a modification to their packaging to allow for more convenient bulk BB sales -- a bottle format as is being used successfully by companies like Elite Force, and I got an extremely weak reply on this idea... after which the NVG conversation resumed.

Bastards may be a quality product but supply issues, distraction with other types of products (goggles, NVG, etc), and such are really turning me away from the company. Our team has switched to bulk orders of ICS BBs, and they're working out great, and are probably the best bang-for-buck bulk option around for teams wanting to shoot lots of BIO BBs.

That said, if BBBastard ever decides to be interested in selling BBs again and even considers better-value formats other than the current bags, I'll be right back supporting my Canadian brand.
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