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Originally Posted by infernal
Excuse my laziness for not reading all 6 pagesÖ but my thoughts are this.
There is quite a bit of worthwhile material here, I'd encourage you to check it out so you're not making a point thats already been whipped to death.

Originally Posted by infernal
No longer is there that close family feeling when you go out to games. Now itís bland and in-personal. A really big reason a lot of players in Calgary have quit going to games. Clubs have recently reported as little as under 10 people showing up for an outdoor saturday game. Now Iím not saying we all sign up and just donít go, rather, it could provide some insight as to some underlying problems in the Airsoft community that could contribute to this lack of caring.
Well, I know there are a lot more private events happening than there used to be, particularly inside Wolfpack for instance. We do it just because we've gathered a fairly reliable crowd around us and its easy to put together and you don't need to do anything special to attract players - most of us are as happy with a muddle puddle as we are with a bunker complex - as long as we can skulk around and shoot we're happy.

I've always tried not to succum to the fatalistic idea that somehow as we become more public we become less 'friendly'. I find a game is what you make it. I try to make rounds at games and meet the new faces and learn new names and make people feel welcome... prior to trying to hand them their ass...

What I have noticed is the incredible turnover in players. People come into the sport and go out almost on an 18 month cycle. Its very weird.
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