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I feel this may be moreso a problem out East where you have a multitude of venues and a larger playerbase. From the perspective of a player in the West; we're really hurting for new venues (as well as more AV reps). As of this moment there are only 3 main venues in the GVRD to play at. Panther (Surrey), Big Foot (Mission, too far drive for some people who live in Vancouver and surrounding area), and a new venue we recently got; Tsawwassen.

In terms of scheduling how it works as I understand it was; at Panther on Saturdays one club would play and on Sundays the other club would play. Big Foot is Sundays and caters moreso to people out in Mission, Abby, maybe Chilliwack, and maybe a few players from Langley if they don't go out to Panther.

With the new venue it's partly good to take off some load from new players just starting out (some regular gamedays apparently had 70+ people show up and games would be a lot slower and not as fast paced when it came time to do straight up deathmatch or other types of games).

I honestly don't see it as stepping on others toes since we desperately need more and new venues to play at to keep things fresh. But I guess that wasn't the point of this thread, since it's more oriented to players in the East where you have different numbers, venues, hosts, playerbase, experience, etc.

Realistically the only thing you can do is continue what you're doing and get as many players as you can. Given everything else equal (obviously it won't be since certain games attract certain types of players and hit calling, admining, conflict resolution, and such are always an issue), it would be sad to see some of the veteran hosts (who hopefully run a tight ship and have the experience to back it) have to fold. However, I see the variety of games and venues only being good; different fields, different types of terrain, not the same old same old etc.

At the end of the day the playerbase is always growing and new venues are needed but hopefully you don't get lopsided games where at one field 90 players show up and at another maybe 10 show up when ideally it would be a ~50/50 split. Obviously geographic location will affect this as well but also humanistic choices. Based on the concept of "Central place theory" wherever there is more population will be where more and bigger games are. So if a game were held closer to a larger metropolitan area then more players would show up to that venue assuming everything else is equal. In the boonies you're going to get less players. However that assumes the "products" (in this case games, admining, hit calling, etc.) are all the same, in reality it's not but it should theoretically work out that if 30% of the players near the metropolitan area decide to go out to the boonies because they think it's better or like the gameplay a bit more the central place doesn't really lose out that much and the venue in the boonies gets an attendance boost.

In short I wouldn't worry about it, there will always be new players and I think that everyone can share the pie.
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