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Must-see Airsoft Stores in Metro Manila?

Hey all,

I know there was a thread recently about good airsoft stores in HK, but I was wondering if anyone knew any must-visit airsoft stores in the Metro Manila, Philippines area. I'll be there about two days from now so I'd like to hit up a few places, but only know of a few (maybe two). Any advisement is greatly appreciated, either the name of the mall/complex or a general direction would be really helpful.

As the answers would probably be more specific if I stated what kinds of things I'm looking for, I'm looking mostly for TM GBB parts, no AEG stuff or anything like that. GBB parts specifically for the TM 1911 including but not exclusive to NOVA externals, mags, slides, etc. And even if the store specializes in AEG stuff but has some GBB stuff, it couldn't hurt to run over and check it out.
Don't know if it'd be better to post this in the PR thread but I figured I'd give everyone a chance to see and answer. Thanks in advance!
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