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If any of you has ever looked at other forums, you would realize how far ahead ASC really is

We did a recce of every major board in North America as a market research effort, and found some surprising stuff. ASC is one of the few boards that actually KEEPS it's old games. Most boards delete them outright. Many also don't update their game threads. No AAR, roster updates, just a date, place and time and that's it.

I realize ASC can be trying on some days, but once you move around the North American and Global scene a little bit, it's actually a pretty cool place.

While I appreciate folks who are of the opinion yet another website isn't the solution, I have to put forward what we have hear in our market research:
  1. New players often walk away from boards like this due to flaming, and thus do not participate in games posted here
  2. New players are "data generation". They have never been analog and accept new ways of doing things easily. They expect more from websites, expecting social features, automated updates/game management and mobile functionality you can't get on a d-Board
  3. Hosts want the same thing (social features, mobile functionality, automated game management)

Things are changing and the new generation of players is not getting left behind, they are leaving US behind. We need a better way of bringing them into this sport/passtime/hobby and passing on the wisdom we as older players have to offer. If we don't they will make up their own. Where that leads nobody knows.

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