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Excuse my laziness for not reading all 6 pagesÖ but my thoughts are this.

I think the problem can be simplified thusly. The age base that weíve marketed (either directly or indirectly) the sport of Airsoft too are not as mature as the game hosts or other members would like. What started out as a sport played between close knit groups of friends has now exploded to include everyone young and old.

No longer is there that close family feeling when you go out to games. Now itís bland and in-personal. A really big reason a lot of players in Calgary have quit going to games. Clubs have recently reported as little as under 10 people showing up for an outdoor saturday game. Now Iím not saying we all sign up and just donít go, rather, it could provide some insight as to some underlying problems in the Airsoft community that could contribute to this lack of caring.

Perhaps we have, through our own ignorance, just ended up in the same boat as paintball.
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