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Originally Posted by Stealth View Post
Here is my personal recommendation: Unless your gun is shooting significantly over 450fps with 0.20g BBs AND you're planning on using heavier ammo (0.30 or above), the R Hops aren't really worth your time.

The 2 basic advantages of the R hop vs. traditional hop is increased hop to lift heavier ammo and increased range. But you have to factor in the impact velocity at those ranges.
I disagree. Even at the energy levels that we game a 1.7j their is a significant improvement in consistency and range. I don't think anyone in The local area shoots anything less than a 0.30bb even at 1.7joules

R Hop is definitely worth your time as you will get far more effective range from you gun. G hop etc is still pretty popular in Japan and seeing 1joule guns shoot as far as a typical Canadian 1.7 joule gun with the same ammo is an eye opener
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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