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Whatever Happened to Respect and Co-operation?

Maybe this time only exists in my head.. maybe it never existed,

but there was a time when Game hosts and field owners would co-operate on Game dates, and not post games that conflict with another Scheduled Game in the same area.

There was a time that it was considered very poor form to post a game to compete with a fellow Game host, or venue.

Sure, it was an "unwritten rule" based on mutual respect and the desire to maximize everyone's attendance, but it existed. and for the most part it worked.

Even today.. some hosts do co-operate and respect one another.. but it all goes to naught when we see 3-5 games posted all within 100Km of each other.

The players.. are not to blame.. I fully expect them to go where they want, where it is most convenient. Why would it be otherwise?

Is there a solution to this problem.. or has it gone as it seems, Let the Market determine it?

or is there a problem?
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