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KSC G18C for $60??

I'd be quite wary of the condition. BNIB in Canada IIRC they go for around ~$350 (non full auto versions for slightly less) keep in mind that's BNIB condition not used, I'd suspect with a KSC value depreciates around 30% after like 3 or 4 years of playing (this is on what I deem to be a "fair" depreciation curve). Either that or the seller is undervaluing the item (which is great for you!).

I own a KSC Glock 19 and it's a great little pistol that surprisingly hasn't broken on me yet except for a failed loading nozzle like 2 months ago. Key parts that you should be aware of for failures are the rocket valve, loading nozzle, and to a lesser extent if you get a lot of wear on the slide the slide stop function may not work (my Glock is OLD and doesn't lock back on empty but it's a simple matter of finding either a replacement OEM slide or a metal one).
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