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Saying and doing are two totally different things. Your either there, or your not. Anyone can "want" to go, but its really a matter of if you know you will beable to. IMO, it would be better to show up to a game and not sign up, than sign up and not attend. Stuff can be changed around when you actually have a decent number of people. You know those who attend will also go because they WANT to and are dedicated. I am aware there are a few exceptions. Confirm with your work schedule, plan for the wife to take care of the kids on the weekend ( well try anyways ) Get rides straighted out b4 hand with plenty of time. Have a ***BACKUP*** plan.

I completely understand its just a game, but when ya look at the hardwork and time these hosts have put towards the plot and setups for these games, you wont beable to comprehend the emptiness they must feel when they get a poor turnout.

I do like the deposit idea. Will work wonders.

Cheers :cheers:
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