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KWC? Eh.... They're alright for what they are IMO.

They've actually been around since like the 70's or something and their roots lie in .177cal/4.5mm pellet guns. As far as their airsoft stuff I'm personally a bit hesitant on using one in a game for hitting targets at 40+ feet but if you're just plinking targets at say 20 feet away or something they're perfectly capable.

At $60 though be careful of the condition. If you meet the guy as to fill up the mag and watch for leaks (also be wary of "slow" leaks, not so much a problem for loading and plinking but if it leaks slowly you may find yourself out of gas when you need to use it in a game situation). Check for wear of the internals under the slide, and look at the fill valve o-rings for any sign of damage or cracking (like $2 to replace so it's easy but you want to know it's been well taken care of by the last owner).
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