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Originally Posted by zapplez
Its not easy knowing ahead of time, especially if you cant drive or often have erratic work schedules. The purpose of a tenative is to show your interest in the event.

I myself, have something similar to a ~90% chance of going to a game after saying tenative, most of the time it leads to confirmed.

And btw, one of the previous comments made a metaphor to leaving an item on hold in a store. A confirmed status is this, not a tenative. I dont mind if someone confirmed before me and takes my spot. Thats fair. So Im not preventing anyone else from going.

yes but... you are adding to the "false count"
Organizers can't count on you being there... so they don't need to hear about it.

If you don't expect a "tentative" to hold your spot... then of what possible use is it to anyone?

"tentative"... regardless of your intent, comes off as "i'll come if nothing better comes along" which belittles the hard work of Hosts and Organizers.

This is a "hobby" so obviously real world issues can get in the way.

But I think that we all have to hold ourselves to high standards of integrity, Say what you will do, do what you say. If you can't commit, say nothing.

These are friends and collegues putting, in many cases their own money, and certainly their own time on the line, They deserve nothing less.
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