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Originally Posted by conflicttheory View Post
Just purchased an imax B6AC last week, it does not have the necessary markings/sticker to conduct an authenticity check.

I am a little disappointed that I was not sold the real product. However, the site did not make any claims as to the authenticity of the charger.

I am further disappointed that a genuine B6AC is only $39.99USD on HobbyKing and I paid $75CDN from a Canadian retailer. I should have shopped around more.
sorry to hear that. all i can say is to be careful next time.

Originally Posted by dhuang View Post
Why not contact the site and request a refund or cancel the charge to your CC.
I'd think you would be entitled to a refund if it were not explicitly stated as being counterfeit, otherwise I'd stop going to banks that don't have a sign reading "real money here!"
you're right if you bought the item at a local store.

but if you bought it online and had it shipped, you're out the shipping fees BOTH ways - for an item worth only 30 - 40 dollars.
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