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Originally Posted by ViR View Post
I bought knee pads from an airsoft retailer and I got paid for return shipping when "item wasn't as described".
Fuzzy is right, people are just accustomed to having shitty service..

DjKail, tell us who is the retailer and just never shop there again, cheers..
+1 000

If YOU as a buyer didn't like the item and the retailer does accept returns, then return shipping should be on you.

If the retailer fucked up - as it is in this case - then it's the RETAILER'S responsibility to make things right.That includes covering return shipping for the item they listed incorrectly that caused you to buy it thinking it was something else. It's the retailer's fault, and the retailer should take respnsibility for it.

You homos bending over, taking it in the ass with a smile and asking for more is the reason expectations are so fucking low on airsoft retailers. For years they've repeatedly fucked us in the ass and everyone gets up in arms to defend their favourite retailer ever time he fucks up. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.

Bottom line - the seller is responsible for covering return shipping for THEIR ERROR is standard practice in every other line of business. Why should that be different in airsoft? And why is everyone fighting so hard to remove consumer rights from airsoft retail business?
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