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The whole point

Of compiling lists of people who are confirmed is to build the list of people who will be there.

posting "tentative" is a waste of keystrokes and helps no one. No one cares if "maybe" you will come.... the entire world "maybe" will come.

In addition posting that you would like to but can't... Jeez.. got nothing better to do?

Build the expectation that attendance posts are for *confirmed* players only. Tentative and , oh I would like to... posts should be deleted.

may take a bit of help from the mods.... but if all extraneous posts are purged, then you may end up with a viable list.

In the after action report, post the full list, and note who "flaked" with a simple (no show) after their name.

This coupled with a "prepaid confirmation" for most and "credit" extended to "solid attenders" should induce the attitude change desired.
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